Frequently Asked Questions


Consumer Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference between your members and the other businesses in your directory?


A. Our members have allowed us to verify their business and other information, increasing the likelihood that you are dealing with an established business which will be there to provide you with solutions and customer service in the future.


Q. How can I contact one of the businesses directly from the site?


A. To contact our Platinum and Gold Members simply click the green "Contact" button to the left of the listing. If you wish to request help with a specific problem you can click the "Get Started" button in the right-hand column and we will have a professional contact you.


Q. How quickly will I get a response from a business listed on your site?


A. All inquiries are immediately processed and every inquiry is followed-up with a personal contact to assure a fast and satisfactory response.


Q. What can I do if a business listed on your site is unable to help me?


A. You can contact us and we will immediately follow-up on your request every moment until you are communicating with a business or professional that can discuss your problem and assist you in finding a solution..


Business Provider Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How much does it cost to be the top recommended business?


A. We do not charge anything extra for the top recommendation.


Q. How does a business receive the top recommendation?


A. In each area the top recommended firm is selected from our Platinum members. There are a few other requirements which include a verifiable business and/or website address, current licensing, and not having an abnormal quantity of consumer complaints or any serious infractions of good business practice.


Q. How long will my business retain it's premium position on the site?


A. Once you receive a Platinum listing on our site no new subscriber can can ever be listed above you. In the event a previous firm has a lapse in their subscription your business could move up higher on the site, but your listing will never move down as long as your subscription remains active.


Q. What is the "sidebar feature" listed in your plan features and benefits?


A. We refer to the right-hand column of each directory page as the sidebar. Platinum members receive a sidebar feature in the "We Recommend" section at the top of the right-hand column. The images, headlines, and text in this area can be edited to highlight specific benefits or services that your business has to offer. Gold members receive a lower sidebar feature which appears in the bottom of the right-hand column of each directory page.


Q. How can a listing on your site help a business with their own site?


Our free plans use "nofollow" links which indicate to search engines not to follow those links to other websites. All of the subscriptions which include a link to your website use normal links in place of the "nofollow" links. These inbound links from industry-relevant sites (like ours) benefit your own efforts at increasing your site visibility..


Q. What are the other major features of the Platinum plan?


A. Platinum and Gold members also receive an attractive online profile. This includes a Google map (which can be disabled), a contact form where site visitors can contact your business directly, a professional summary of your business and services, and an area for site visitors to leave positive reviews of your business.


Q. What is "Renewal Price Protection?"


A. Our policy is to never increase rates for existing subscribers. As we reach our membership goals in each area this guarantees that your rate will never go up as long as your plan remains active.


Q. What does "Multiple Zip Codes Available" mean?


A. Each listing includes the primary zip code for your office or business location. Single extra zip codes are available on the site to current subscribers and larger bundles of cities or zip codes are available from our customer service department.


Q. I uploaded my image and it doesn't look right. What should I do?


A. Just drop us an email and if we can we will fix the image for you and make it perfect. If you haven't uploaded the image yet you can attach it to your email and we will do the rest...


Q. Am I allowed to cancel my subscription?


A. Yes. You can cancel at any time. Regular subscriptions terminate at the end of the current billing cycle. (Monthly for all monthly plans and annually for all annual plans). The exceptions to this are: (1) EasyPay subscriptions are annual plans that can be terminated monthly during the first two billing cycles, and (2) Upgrades from one plan to another occur immediately (not at the end of the billing cycle).


Q. How do customers find your site?


A. Our great success is in targeting key groups of consumers in different areas. Every area is different and our approach in one city is not the same as it is in a different city or town. Please feel free to ask our customer service team for our latest site visibility information in your local area.


Q. Briefly, what are the key differences between the plans?


A. The free plan is a basic listing. The Bronze plan is an enhanced listing. The Silver plan includes a slogan and links directly to your website. The Gold plan includes an online profile and a feature in our reliable experts section. The Platinum plans appear at the very top of the site and are included in our list of top recommended firms. Platinum members have the added benefit that no new subscribers can ever be listed above them on the site.


Q. How much new business can I expect from your site?


A. Because no one really knows the answer to questions like these, we keep the investment in our site at a level where one new client can often pay for your investment for several years. Online marketing seems to be especially prone to seasonal or other spikes in volume. It is not unusual for a business to go weeks or longer with little or no activity and then to suddenly receive an increased number of inquiries during a very short time.